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Pure Hoops: Lakers Governor Jeanie Buss as you've never heard her before

Jeanie Buss represents the Los Angeles Lakers on the NBA Board of Governors. She doesn't like to be called the "owner," but her family has controlled the team for more than four decades. In this very revealing interview with Mike Wise, Jeanie shares some very emotional thoughts about the losses of her Mother, former Commissioner David Stern, and Kobe Bryant in the course of less than two months between December 2019 and January 2020. Some of the other topics Jeanie addresses are her current relationships with Phil Jackson, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James. Jeanie also tells Mike which legendary actress is her "Spirit Animal." Towards the end of the interview at 1:11:20, Jeanie shares her feelings about whether LeBron will eventually have a statue outside Staples Center. You will never meet a more "real" human being than Jeanie Buss. AirPlus PRO, True Wireless Earbuds