Reminds me of “Who’s On First” … *see here*

You will thank me later! The best comedy routine of all time!

We all need to laugh!

“Y” is for the You. It’s all about YOU … YOUR NETWORK

We felt it was time to have a place to hang out, learn more, and just become better informed!

We are a destination for great content and information. And if you want, in many cases you can even buy what you see.

You will have everything from A to Y …

Great Movies, Events, Comedies, Interviews, Easy Cooking Recipes for those special nights, Car Tips, and Sports.

More content is added weekly.

We have Influencers that are Male and Female

So please scroll around and stay awhile.

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Marvin Segel
THE Y NETWORKS President aka The Guy

Marvin Segel, President– is a TV Shopping Executive and was actually in the building when QVC went live over 30 years ago. Marvin has helped build brands and revenue growth. Marvin represented and built over 30 brands on QVC and ShopNBC. Additionally, he created the Vendor On-Air Guest Program, Vendor Relations, and Chaired The Vendor Board at QVC and ShopNBC.

Jim Morrison, Executive Board Member – Former President of L’Oreal, he oversaw unprecedented growth that averaged +20% for more than a decade. Jim has been running companies for over 35 years. He is universally recognized as “one of the best brand strategists in the world”.   Business Week Magazine previously wrote: “Over the last two decades Mr. Morrison has had a profound impact on the American Beauty Industry. In the industry’s history, no other executive has had the level of financial responsibility or breadth of organizational experience as Jim. His devotion to and success within the American beauty industry is unmatched”.