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Dave's Front Office: Jerry West Part II with Dave Wohl on Dave's Front Office

Last week in Part One of his conversation with Dave Wohl, Hall of Famer Jerry West discussed the current state of basketball, competition, and our society. He expressed his admiration for LeBron James and praised his former team, the Lakers. In this week's Part Two, Jerry looks back at his own career and some of his friends and contemporaries like Elgin Baylor, the late Tommy Heinsohn, and the great Muhammad Ali, his teammate in the 1960 Olympics. His story about Tommy & the Celtics is especially poignant and funny. And his admiration for Elgin is off the charts. This story alone is worth your time. Jerry also discusses what his worth might have been if players of his era had free agency opportunities. He also shares his feelings about Giannis staying in Milwaukee. Fans of Jerry West should not miss this conversation. Be sure to subscribe to the channel, follow @purehoopsmedia on social and visit for their library of shows featuring stellar guests, deep dive story telling and unique basketball analysis. AirPlus PRO, True Wireless Earbuds