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SRG Universe is a game developing and publishing company, most famous for Supershow the Game. Supershow is the #1 Wrestling Game in the World where you can live all your wildest wrestling fantasies without ever taking a chair shot! When you play Supershow you have the full fell of being part of a live wrestling event where the object of the game is to wrestle through leads, follow-ups and finishes to try and keep your opponent down for the 1-2-3. Supershow combines hundreds of SRG Universe original competitors and the largest names in independent wrestling to bring you countless hours of unique and exciting matches. The SRG Universe team treats the players as part of the show and books matches on the national stage for coveted championship belts. The game takes 5 minutes to learn and then you too can join the Legendary Fighting Federation, so what are you waiting for? Let’s Roll.

Our Mission:
At SRG Universe Inc., a group of devoted gamers create fun and strategic games that foster creative thinking and help players develop various skills like: reading comprehension, basic math skills, leadership capacity, decision making, strategic planning, and logical thinking. Our games feature an underlying strategy that makes them both easy to learn and difficult to master.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to create a gaming company that will be innovative through community involvement and create games that can be enjoyed by all ages. We plan to do this with the support and help from the gaming community because no one knows games better than those who are surrounded by them. Our interactive and community building style will spark innovative ideas and pave the way for the future that will change gaming as we know it forever!

Play it Forward:
Supershow is designed in such a way that once you play one game, you are able to teach another player how to play right after you are done. This is what we call “Play it Forward” and to continue our community theme, some of our best demoers started out by doing just this! We believe that by playing it forward, not only will our games grow, but the community involvement for our games will grow right along with it.

John Calace, CPA
SRG Universe Inc. – Chief Financial Officer